Love Letter to My Library: Love in the time of COVID-19

It's  been such a pleasure to receive notes of gratitude while we're offering limited services. They really brighten our day! Thank you to all Library customers for their patience, understanding, and appreciation while we navigate these unique—and challenging—times!

"I just want to thank you for the amazing job you're all doing right now. You cheerfully give us our holds in the heat and rain, hand out produce and snacks, answer questions, and just work your butts off. I appreciate you so much."

"At my branch, not only do they have the new books displayed in a window for us to choose from, but they have also now begun to put together book bundles of 5 to 6 books with similar kinds of content. I just brought home my first bundle of police/procedural mystery stories and was delighted to discover that this bundle contained some large print copies (which I will be able to read in bed without needing my glasses). I would like to thank the librarians for their creative ideas to help us dyed-in-the-wool readers get our "fix" even in these uncertain times."

"Thank you, essential worker!"

"I appreciate this library so much. In fact, I think you uplift humanity. Thank you so much!"

"Thank you for your kindness, smiles, and help."

"We are so grateful for all you do for us. You are great, the books are keeping us sane!"

"Thank you for all you do. So glad you are here for us."

"Thanks to all the WONDERFUL library workers. We appreciate you a lot. Stay safe and take care!"

"Hope you have a great day. Thank you for working through a pandemic."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. The public library is my most valuable life-partner!"

"Thank you, thank you for all you're doing for us. You're one of the bright spots we have during these difficult times!"

"Thank you for your continued service in whatever manner is safest. We're lucky to have your help. The library is an indispensable part of my life."

Thank you, thank you, thank you—cant' say it enough. The staff at Murphy-Wilmot Library are always very fast and friendly when I go to pick up materials. I so appreciate you staying open during this hot and "shut-in" summer. Also, thanks for keeping E-books going. The selection is quite extensive.

"I have missed two thing during the stay at home order: libraries and raspados."

"Libraries are lifeblood."

"I would like to acknowledge all the Pima County Library workers and especially the workers at Quincie Douglas Library. To me, they are also heroes, putting themselves out there in an effort to provide morale to the public. In this time of distancing, we need the possibility of other worlds that books give us. They expand our horizons beyond the six feet we need to maintain from others. And who doesn’t benefit from sitting and reading in down time or before going to bed? These people help keep us sane. 

"You are all so awesome and important to us out here in the general community. Thank you again."

"Thank you to the library and staff for doing such a great job through the pandemic. I read a book a week — I don't own a TV (by choice). I read. Books to me are life-enriching. And I appreciate all your continued efforts and excellent service during this time."

"You are by far the best help desk I've ever dealt with!"

"I'm in awe of the Library's passion for continuing to provide service, which is critical during these difficult times."

"Thank you for working so hard at the front lines of our community during this difficult time. We see you and we are so grateful! You have stepped up in policy and practice. We miss browsing and person (and your awesome displays), but we are so thankful to have physical and electronic access to books, reading, learning, and community information. Thank you for committing to Tucson! We are so, so grateful!"

"Your patrons have missed you. We're glad you're back!"

"I've had access to some great library systems in this country to include NYPL and the LOC. Your system punches well above its weight. Many thanks for that!”

"I am so impressed by your curbside service. It is so efficient and organized. It is obvious how much thought went into how the Library is handling everything during the pandemic. As a very high-risk person I want to thank you for everything! I have always been impressed with the library system in Pima County and you just keep getting better!"

"Thank you, librarians, for all your dedication to your readers. My mom is 98 and relies on large print books. It is a life-saver to be able to get her books again. Keep up the good work, you are essential workers."

"You sure know how to perk up an old lady's day! You are a blessing to many in your service, knowledge, and wisdom."

"Thank you for all you are doing to keep the library open and safe so we can “escape” for a while! What fun it is to start a new book, knowing I will soon meet new people and experiences, new situations, and I won’t have to think about my real situation. Just want you to know your efforts are appreciated!"

"Libraries are one of the necessities in my life and I appreciate you all keeping it open for us."

"I wanted to let the Joyner-Green Valley Branch Library staff know just how much I appreciate their efforts and kindness during this difficult time. These dedicated individuals have kept the library functioning and access to materials conveniently available doing so with a level of professionalism and kindness that is truly remarkable. My heartfelt thanks to the entire staff."

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