Love Letter to My Library: Karen Rutherford

We're grateful to Karen Rutherford for taking the time to submit this Love Letter.

Getting my library card was at the top of my list when I moved to Tucson in 2017. I’m an avid reader and regularly use the library to reserve and check out books. Quickly, I connected via the Facebook page, so I would see alerts for events and programs. Unfortunately, I’ve been fairly busy working (and reading!) since coming here, but when an event announcement for a grant writing workshop appeared this month, I couldn’t resist.

From just that one workshop, I learned about the Idea+Space at Joel D. Valdez Main Library and the Writer in Residence program. The class was led by Alice Hatcher, the library's most recent resident (now you can visit with author J.M. Hayes!), and her presentation was remarkable. She offered so much information in a short amount of time, including instructions and handouts and resources. Her expertise was invaluable to me, because she mentioned things that formulated an approach that had not occurred to me.

At the end of the workshop, Ms. Hatcher mentioned that the Writer in Residence program offers one-on-one appointments should anyone want to discuss further or have more questions. Of course, I did. My appointment with her to ask a few specific questions was, again, invaluable. She was patient and generous, listening to my questions and sharing her expertise.  

I plan to pay a lot more attention to the wonderful offerings at the library. I’m very grateful to Ms. Hatcher and for this opportunity to learn about so much more that the Pima County Public Library does for our/my new community!

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