Love Letter to My Library: Idea+Space success stories

We're grateful to our Idea+Space customers, who took the time to submit their 2018 success stories!

Since taking your in-person grants training, I applied for and will receive a grant for $4,000 from a local Rotary International Club. The grant will allow us to purchase a commercial refrigerator and freezer set so we can provide perishable goods and fresh produce for our new Food Pantry for families at our Imago Dei school. Thank you for the great inspiration and training!

—Mark, Imago Dei Middle School

Kassy, Business Librarian at Joel D. Valdez Main Library, introduced me to the variety of business tools available on the Library website, specifically ReferenceUSA. What an invaluable tool! It's incredibly comprehensive yet versatile. Developing target markets for any business has never been easier nor cheaper. I had no idea the extent of the Library's resources for business. I cannot thank Kassy enough for taking the time and showing me the incredible value of the Library.

—John, Waechter Advisory Network

The Census training was really terrific, and a nice refresher. I so appreciate the many amazing programs the Library offers for nonprofits and businesses in our community! I enjoy them both as a trainer and as an attendee. We are lucky—I don't think many other libraries in the country offer classes like our library.

—Carolyn, 501 Navigation

I learned about the many great business resources in the Tucson area. I also learned more about the TenWest Fest, which I attended. This event was very informative for business-minded individuals, and innovators. In the Idea+Space it was also encouraging to see other folks trying to start their own businesses which I think is badly needed in our city, county, and country.   I am more knowledgeable, and aware of local business resources. I plan to attend additional workshops. Thank you for offering this to the public!

—Steven, aspiring business owner

I wanted to understand how to make the most of Facebook for my campaign and my church. Lisa, Social Media Librarian, shared the latest Facebook developments to help guide us in the future. She listened carefully and creatively delivered gold nuggets of information customized to meet our needs. Everyone gained valuable insights. I now understand Facebook terminology, change my process as needed, and incorporate 'Insights' and 'Notifications' in my Facebook strategy.

—Pat, Independent politician

Are you or someone you know a business owner? Are you looking to start your own business, but have no idea where to begin? Do you work at a nonprofit (or want to start one) and could use assistance finding funding sources, and much more?

We've got a treasure trove of expert advice at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library's Idea+Space. Attend classes and workshops, get help in one-on-one sessions, and learn all about the Library's free online tools available to you. 

Can't make it downtown to the Idea+Space? Don't worry! Our online tools are available anywhere, anytime, whether at home, on the go, or at another library

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