Love Letter to My Library: Adrian Ruelas

Adrian Ruelas attends English Language classes at Joyner-Green Valley Library. We're grateful to him for taking the time to submit this Love Letter

This week I had a great time and I want to share that I feel very well in class. 

The teacher asked me to share what I would like to discuss in this class and I will start by saying that the [dynamics] that she uses to teach us, the English class, I consider it didactic, entertaining, and that allows us to obtain meaningful learning.

For example, the reading and translation of newspaper articles allows us to understand the content of the article. And, when reading it, practice the pronunciation and interact with the students, and the teacher will correct our mistakes. 

Talk something about ourselves, how was the week, and how our days are going by. Allows us to socialize, familiarize ourselves with everyday events, and how to interact in English. That is our goal, among other strengths. 

Thank you. I think that, in this time in class, we have different ways of approaching the English language with more security and fluidity. I have seen it in my classmates and I have felt it in my person.

Thanks to the program for providing this great support and to the teacher for her great ability to make each class a meaningful and wonderful experience.

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