Love Letter to My Library: Devoted Tai Chi Students

We're grateful to the Tai Chi for Health students at Joyner-Green Valley Library for taking the time to submit these Love Letters.

These classes are generously funded by the Friends of the Green Valley and Sahuarita Libraries. Visit the Friends' website to learn more about how to get involved! 

In Cincinnati, where I'm from, we had a ultra-modern library encompassing an entire city block; however the beauty of Joyner-Green Valley Library, the helpfulness and patience of the staff, the adjunct services encompassing such a wide variety of topics, stimulating both discussion and social interaction, and classes to enrich lives in many ways are such a gift to our community.  Often bigger is not better, or to quote Donnie in our Tai Chi class less is more. Again many thanks!!!!


Helen R.

I'm writing on behalf of all the Tai Chi students who share a deep sense of gratitude for the Joyner-Green Valley Library for offering such excellent services to our community.

My husband and I are both permanently disabled and it gives us tremendous joy to "get out of the wheelchair" and experience something amazing for our health!

We adore the instructors and appreciate their creative teaching methods. The class is fun, energetic, and empowering. The results have been incredible!

Tai Chi gives us hope. Tai Chi gives us relief. Tai Chi gives us a window into the future of finding strength and balance.

It gives us a reason to get up and get out of bed. To say "hello," to meet and greet other students, and share a smile and a hug. To feel emotionally supported goes a long way

So with deep gratitude and appreciation we all say thank you for giving our Green Valley community such an extraordinary gift. 



We are writing to express our appreciation for the programs offered at Joyner-Green Valley Library. I really appreciate the convenience of reserving books that may not be on the shelves in our library but can be brought there once located or returned from another branch. I have used that service many times already.  

In addition, my husband and I both greatly enjoy the free Tai Chi classes on Thursdays. Ronnie Polini and the two other instructors are wonderful and we are so appreciative of this opportunity to learn something new together and at no cost to us

I am also interested in attending the Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation classes on Tuesdays and the Meditation class on Monday. How wonderful that all of these healthful opportunities are available so close and free.

Last week I attended the Mindfulness Meditation program when Bob Effertz presented "Healing Sounds from Around the World." What a fantastic hour of listening to the soothing sounds of the hammered dulcimer, Tibetan singing bowls and Ting-Sha bells and my favorite, the Australian didgeridoo.  I had never heard the didgeridoo played so well in person. What a memorable experience!

Thank you for providing so many wonderful opportunities to continue to grow and learn in interesting and new ways!


Rebecca and Carlos

I am a Green Valley resident and I had the pleasure of taking the Tai Chi class yesterday. I was excited when I found out about the class and it didn't disappoint. The room was full of customers and I was among quite a few new attendees. I must let you know how much I enjoyed the class and how impressed I am with the library offerings. I also took the meditation class on Monday and intend to continue both classes and perhaps even try the yoga class. I want to pass along my gratitude that Pima County Public Library offers these types of events to us. I also appreciate the use of one of the rooms for knitting on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. It is wonderful to have the library be the hub of the community. Through the library programs not only am I exercising my body and mind, I am also meeting wonderful employees of the library and finding my place in the community

Please pass along my thanks to the powers that be and let them know how very much appreciated their efforts are.

Kind regards,

Dorie G.

Tai Chi has become our favorite form of exercise. We are seniors and balance and arthritis are a concern for us. Tai Chi is helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We cannot travel to Tucson often so the Joyner-Green Valley Library is the perfect location. 

Thank you,

Charles and Lucille Z.

We wanted to thank you for providing the Tai Chi class at Joyner-Green Valley Library for the past year. We began attending the free class last December as a way to improve our balance, learn something new together, and to meet people. The instructors, both Heather and Donnie, have taught us so much, and have been most encouraging.  We have continued attending class throughout the year, as well as taking further training in Tucson. Tai Chi is now a part of our lifestyle, thanks to the sponsorship of Tai Chi at Joyner-Green Valley library. 

Thank you for the opportunity to improve our lives through Tai Chi.


Randy and Joey S.

Are you interested in attending an upcoming Tai Chi class at the Library? We currently have classes at the Dusenberry-River, Himmel Park, and Joyner-Green Valley locations. Visit our calendar of events to find one that works for you!

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