Love Letter to My Library: Adiba Nelson

We're grateful to Adiba Nelson for taking the time to submit this Love Letter.

Dear Pima County Public Library,

I have a confession to make…

I’ve been cheating on you – for a very, very, very long time. Things like television stole my eye, with its channels and shopping networks. Things like radio killed my love of silence, rendering me helpless to the rhythm of music, the staccato of a drumbeat as opposed to a stifled sentence.

It’s sad, I know. Especially since you introduced me to my love of words. You are LITERALLY the keeper of the thing I love most – WORDS!! I am a jerk. It’s awful. And yes, I take for granted the fact that you are always there, willing to take me back at any time – even if I owe you money (which I believe I do).

I promise to do better.  I promise to visit more often. I promise to introduce you to my kid. Oh. Yes. You didn’t know about that did you? Yes, while I’ve been away, cheating, I also made a person. But don’t worry. She’s sweet, and kind, and loves books. Can’t wait for you to meet her!

Love your remorseful lover,


Listen to Adiba read her love letter on Arizona Public Media's Arizona Spotlight. A huge thank you to AZPM's Mark McLemore for turning the written word into the spoken word for this project.

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