Remembering Kits

How to Check Out Remembering Kits

Remembering Kits can be checked out like other library materials.

Chose a kit that interests you from the library catalog and reserve it using your library card number and PIN.

The kit will be sent to the library of your choice for pick up. It can be returned to any Pima County Public Library branch.

Pima County Public Library offers Remembering Kits to help seniors recollect the past, hand-down stories, build relationships, and just have fun reminiscing with others. Each of these compact and easy-to-use kits focuses on a time or topic in the past and includes a variety of resources such as a slide show with narration, photographic images, music, artifacts, and activities.

The kits can be used with groups of older adults or with groups of a variety of ages. Each kit is designed to reveal first-person accounts of history, funny anecdotes, incredible stories, and interesting life experiences. Activity directors can use the programs as is or tailor them with music, photos and other kinds of materials and activities. The result is an innovative and informative program that people will really enjoy. It is like a whole series of programs in a single bag! An extensive manual offers step-by-step instructions for programming and for using each kit piece.

Remembering Kits are also popular with families and with group leaders of all ages to enhance multi-generational sensitivity and communication.

The kits are designed for users to build programs that are usually 45 minutes to 1 hour and can easily accommodate up to 35-40 people, but can also be used for smaller groups or even one-on-one.

Remembering Kits Available for Check Out

Bifolkal Kit - Remembering the 50s

Full Kits

  • Remembering Pets
  • Remembering Birthdays
  • Remembering Home
  • Remembering Farm Days
  • Remembering Summertime
  • Remembering School Days
  • Remembering Worklife
  • Remembering the 50s
  • Remembering WWII

Every full kit includes:

  • A program manual with both general programming ideas and kit-specific directions
  • A media presentation in DVD format
  • A CD with sing-along and other music and stories
  • Booklets that include lyrics for sing-alongs and other materials
  • Additional activities and materials that vary based on the kit
  • Items for the other senses such as touch and smell

Bifolkal Kit - Remembering Valentine's Day


Mini–Kits prompt the same remembering as the full Remembering Kits, but they're designed for a shorter program series, on a smaller scale, or with more customization by the facilitator, such as adding a craft, game, additional photos, or other items.

  • Remembering Valentine's Day
  • Remembering Friends

Visit Kits

Bifolkal Kit - Remembering Valentine's Day

We also offer Visit Kits, which contain a topical card and prop, along with an information sheet for how to use the kit. The subjects of these kits are common enough that most all older adults will have memories and experiences about them. These kits can be used for one-on-one visits.

  • Advertising
  • Courting
  • Cure-Alls
  • Fabrics
  • Gardening
  • Hair
  • Hats
  • Main Street
  • Picnics
  • Table Games
  • Vacations
  • Visits
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