Art Exhibit ~ Emma Sezzi

Sam Lena-South Tucson Library invites you to view the works of local artist Emma Sezzi. The exhibit will be on display until May 1, 2024.

About the Artist:

Emma Sezzi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she grew up in a family involved in the arts. Her father was an accomplished actor and screenwriter who performed in several well-known plays during that era. She married and soon had a daughter, Adriana. In 1957 she immigrated with her family to Southern California to escape the political chaos in her country. There she embarked on a new life, continuing to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and theater actress. However, the responsibility of raising children, now two, put those plans on hold.

In 1978, with her children grown, she moved with her husband to northern California and became part of the art community, performing in several plays and managing the Lassen County Council for the Arts. She became an accomplished batik and stained-glass artist and began to work closely with her daughter Adriana, a recognized watercolor artist in the community. In 1996 her husband retired from the concrete business, beginning a new chapter in life involving sailing and traveling throughout the world.

In 2011 her husband passed away and she moved to Tucson Arizona. Emma began to explore the art of painting using a method called “liquid acrylic pouring.” Also described as “Fluid Art” or “Liquid Art,” acrylic pouring incorporates different pigments which are manipulated on canvas to create unique shapes, sometimes abstract and sometimes recognizable. When asked why she was drawn to this medium, Emma states: “There are endless creative possibilities thanks to different ways of combining acrylic paints, resin and mixed media and there’s something so satisfying about watching it spill across a surface.”

What began as a side hobby has now turned into a full-time endeavor. Now 87 years old, she loves to create and share what she has learned with others and collaborates regularly with her daughter who designs jewelry. She also finds great joy in teaching. She regularly meets with students in her studio; in addition, she volunteers works with immigrants seeking citizenship status by holding weekly classes to prepare for the USA Citizenship Test.

Photos courtesy of the artist.