Past Art Exhibit ~ The Happy Medium by Tad Lamb

The Happy Medium: A plein air watercolorist's visual journey through some of his local happy places. Oro Valley Public Library invites you to view this exhibit by local artist Tad Lamb from September 1 - October 15, 2023.

Artist statement:

I’ve always enjoyed wild places. The sense of exploration and discovering what’s just around the bend has always been the reason I paint. With its clear light, colorful canyons and diverse flora and fauna, Southeastern Arizona seems like it was custom made for watercolor painting.

Watercolor is a fascinating medium. Pigment is placed into solution with water, applied to a wet surface and then allowed to do its magic. There’s a certain delight in watching pigment flow around a page enabled by a pool of water. It seems to be a common sentiment among watercolor painters. Hence, I like to call watercolor The Happy Medium.
Watercolor lends itself well to the practice of plein air painting. As watercolorists, as I like to say, we get to ‘dip our cups into the crystal spring waters by which we paint ‘. Plein air, for me, has taken on a life of its own. It’s a joyful practice being out in nature and expressing its intricacies with colored washes and line. Spending an entire morning painting in one spot lets you really absorb and experience the essence of the place.
This show represents an 18-month visual exploration of our local landscape. In it you can witness the change of seasons and the diverse environments we enjoy here in the Sonoran Desert. I’d like to thank everyone who accompanied me on this journey. It has reinforced my belief that artists need each other, and I am so happy to have shared some of my happy places with you. Happiness shared is Double Happiness.
Artist biography:
Award winning artist Tad Lamb is a long-time member of the Tucson art community whose love of birds and the local landscape is reflected in his loose and colorful watercolors. He is currently a Teaching Artist at The Drawing Studio where he has taught watercolor since 2014 and is a member of the Sonoran Plein Air Painters. He still makes his home in Tucson where he has lived with his wife, Mary Lou, for 35 years.