Past Art Exhibit ~ Thomas F. DeVoe

Oro Valley Public Library invites you to an exhibit of works by local artist Thomas F. DeVoe. The exhibit will be on display until November 30, 2023.

Artist Statement:
I have been interested in painting since a very early age. I am still intrigued by the ability to take a two dimensional surface and turn it into a 3 dimensional image that gets and holds your attention. I studied painting and drawing with several regional and national artists including Susan Hong-Sammons, Randal Scott Hardin, Donna Shortt, Pam Newell, Diane Lyons, Wyatt LeGrand, Ron Mack, Jeff Legg, Mike Svob among others. I also participated in workshops throughout the United States and in Italy.

I have been focusing on a western theme since moving to Tucson 6 years ago. I have taken numerous photos from the Tucson Rodeo and am trying to capture the frantic action of a bronc or bull ride in that 8 second event. I want the viewer to feel the action over a small period of time but not frozen in time. Thus there are little ghost images of the animal or rider just a fraction of a second earlier. The animals themselves have personality and I enjoy trying to capture that in an oil painting as well.

Previously I was in the automobile business in Alexandria, Indiana where I was president of DeVoe Chevrolet. I graduated from Ball State University with a B.A. in business and served in the U.S. Army after graduation.