Love Letter to My Library: Joaquin Trujillo, PhD

We're grateful to Joaquin Trujillo, PhD for taking the time to submit this Love Letter.

Quite frankly, without Pima County Public Library’s Interlibrary Loan Department I would be powerless to do what I need to do to get ahead in a remarkably competitive market. Over the last three years, ILL has acquired on my behalf dozens of articles covering a wide range of matters, including phenomenology, hermeneutics, cybernetics, and Arizona mining history.

I offer my sincerest appreciation to the staff of the ILL Department.  I own a consulting firm located in Tucson, the city of my permanent residence, and spend much of my time in the EU handling business matters. I regularly research, write, and publish articles in peer-reviewed academic journals to support my consulting and ILL has been instrumental to accomplishing this work.

Their assistance has supported me in publishing four scholarly articles, ranging between 10,000 to 15, 000 words, and submitting two more articles, also between 10,000 and 15,000 words, as well as one book-length manuscript.

The ILL team has been consistently responsive, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. I unfailingly send them copies of my articles when they are published as an expression of thanks and to ensure they know the high-impact value of their contributions.

American society has a remarkably strong history of supporting its local libraries. It recognizes the importance of knowledge to democracy, capitalism, and living life freely. The Pima County Public Library ILL Department exemplifies this tradition.

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