Love Letter to My Library: Janice Knepfel

We're grateful to Janice Knepfel for taking the time to submit this Love Letter.

Dear Woods Memorial Library,

You know that feeling you get when you think about a wonderful time, place, or friend you used to know. Yeah, that wistful feeling, the feeling that you belong and you are exactly where you want to be. I’m having that feeling right now because I am thinking about the Woods Memorial Library in Tucson.

What a wonderful place!  I was a frequent visitor when I lived in Tucson and you did not disappoint. I remember the time I went there and there was a section of new books on display. My thought was, “Brilliant, someone noticed how bookstores market their books and they are using it here!” For me, that section of the library was a treasure chest of books. I always found one—and often more—books to check out from that section. Books I did not know I wanted to read, until I saw them in that section. What joy!

My spouse and I went to the Woods Memorial Library often. So often, in fact, it was the first public place we took our newborn daughter immediately after her first pediatrician appointment. We just could not stay away. It was also the Woods Memorial Library that helped me get through those LONG first nights with a newborn. The nights when I was up so often and for so long that I heard the same BBC stories throughout the night, it made me crazy. My solution - books on CD from the Woods Library to the rescue! It worked a charm and I even got some tremendous laughs whilst listening (thank you David Sedaris).

Unfortunately we do not live in Tucson anymore, hence the wistful feeling for that time and place. There are so many things that we miss about Tucson, but the Woods Memorial Library sits high on that list. My reading list has suffered without your new book section!


Janice Knepfel

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