Get What You’re Looking For!

So you see the title of an interesting book or movie somewhere on the internet, and your automatic response is to go to the library website and see if it’s available, right?

Only—surprise!—the library, for some reason, does not have it. Maybe it slipped past our radar, or the last copy we had got destroyed years ago and was never replaced. Or, it’s just obscure enough that we made the decision not to get it.

You can request to fix that.

Pima County Public Library has a customer-driven collection development policy, opens a new window, which means, if we can get it, we will. You can suggest a purchase, opens a new window (up to 30 per month) and then reserve items you asked for when we acquire them. Sometimes, we're not be able to get it in the format you want, but our collection development librarians try really hard to make sure you get what you’re looking for.

If for some reason, we can’t purchase it—say it’s not available through the companies we buy books and movies from, or it’s now out of print—you have another option to try and borrow a copy. What option is that, you say?

Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan is a term you might have heard in your college days, good for getting articles and tomes from other libraries across the nation. But you can use it at the public library, too! Check out our Interlibrary Loan page to learn all about it.

Questions? Call Infoline at 520-791-4010, or contact us!