Three Books on a Theme: Ancient Civilizations

This blog was submitted by PCPL Virtual Volunteer, Olivia.

It had taken a good hour or two of research, but we had found it: a museum with an extensive ancient Mediterranean collection. My family and I were so excited thinking about all those beautiful artifacts. Imagine seeing a gladiator’s helmet in person! When we got to the museum, our faces were glowing.

“Where’s your ancient Mediterranean exhibit?” my mom asked the lady at the desk.

“Well… we have a collection of Mediterranean artifacts for private viewing,” the lady responded. “We don’t have an exhibit. Sorry.”

To drive all the way downtown for nothing? You could see why we were so disappointed.

Thanks to these books, however, you don’t need to travel any farther than your nearest library to experience some of the wonders of ancient cultures. Bursting with artifacts from around the world, interesting facts, and interactions with experts, these books are better than a museum. Why? You can enjoy them from the comfort of your couch.

Ancient Egypt

For decades the world has been enchanted by the ancient Egyptians. Who wouldn’t be? From mummies to the Pharaohs, there will always be something to capture someone’s interest. Dive into the mysteries and wonders of Ancient Egypt with this book.

Ancient Greece

Travel back in time to the world of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle! This book truly brings back to life the depth of the culture, art, and ideas of the ancient Greeks.

Ancient Rome

Rome is not known as Mater Itáliae Roma (the mother of Italy, Rome) for nothing. Through conquest, the language and culture of the Romans spread throughout the Mediterranean world, and thus, gave birth to not only Italy, but to Western Civilization. Almost everywhere you look, you’ll see Roman influence, making it an important culture to study. This book covers a broad range of topics, offering a good introduction to Roman culture.