You know you’re from Tucson when… the art of Michael Berren

Librarian Betsy L. recently interviewed local, digital artist Michael Berren. Enjoy!

You may  have seen (and you still have time to see!) Michael Berren's paintings on display at Joel D. Valdez Main Library—through the end of June. Don't have time to get here? Don't worry! You can visit Michael on his website, opens a new window to see his work and get pricing, if you see something that you like!

Michael's colorful art successfully brings our local landscape to life on the canvas. In this interview, Betsy spoke to Michael about his work and the stories that have led him to interactions with community members that inspire his bright, bold, and colorful depictions of iconic street scenes, signs and posters, and locations. Think the Anita Street Market, Old Town Artisans, the Temple of Music and Art, and Bobo's—all of the amazing places that make Tucson... Tucson.  

According to Michael...

As I start each new digital painting, my goal is to create a work that is bright, bold and colorful.

Whether it is an iconic building, staircase, door, or just an old structure that I find interesting, my subjects are based primarily on southern Arizona (and a few New Mexico) images .

As I begin working on a piece, I am always cognizant of the fact that my final painting is not necessarily an improved version of the original subject, but rather just another way to look at it. In the years that I have been painting my southern Arizona images I still love hearing people at shows and exhibitions commenting about how much a particular painting means to them because of the memories that it conjures up.

Listen to the interview:

We're grateful to Michael for participating in this interview and granting permission to feature some of this artwork below. Support local artists—check out his exhibition at Joel D. Valdez Main Library through the end of June and visit his website today, opens a new window! The images below are copyrighted and cannot be downloaded, printed, or used without the artist's explicit permission.