Online Language Learning at the Library

The library provides language-learning tools with a twofold purpose: for English speakers to learn a new language or work on their language skills; and for people whose first language is not English to learn English. Online tools provide a nice option when it’s not possible to participate in our in-person classes.

What do we have?


Say your primary language is Italian, and you want to learn French?  Pronunciator is the tool for you! With the beginning options of “I speak” and “I want to learn,” you can cross navigate language learning to what’s easiest for you. There are over 80 language to choose from (though there are fewer resources for a few languages).  

If you are interested in writing, Pronunciator is a great option, with printable course materials, and the ability to focus on specific areas of learning.

Pimsleur Audiobooks

These downloadable audiobooks are accessible via OverDrive and the Libby app, and you can check them out and listen to them on a computer or device like any other book! The audiobooks are broken down very specifically, including different courses in Latin American Spanish and European Spanish.

ESL and Language Learning on Kanopy

Kanopy has several inroads into language learning, including a few Great Courses. You can learn Ancient Greek or introductory Spanish, all through videos that you can access whenever you’d like!


Whatever method you prefer to learn languages, there is a resource available for you. If online doesn’t do the trick, come into any library for information about what we have to offer in person (and of course we have things that you can come in and check out, too)!