Website and Catalog Tip of the Week: Help Dropdown

No matter where you are on the website, you can find help, read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and provide website feedback. The easiest way to get to these things is by using the Help dropdown menu at the top right of the website. Since it’s part of the header, you can wander to any corner of our website and still find it there.

Once you click Help or the chevron beside it, you’ve got the option to do several things:

Search FAQs

Our FAQs are ever-growing, and so we might have one that addresses an issue you might be having. Start out with searching with a keyword or phrase related to your question.

Browse FAQs

If you’re not certain what your issue is, or you just want to do some self-guided learning, you can also use the dropdown to get directly to our complete list of FAQs. You can search from there, as well, or go to the different categories using the sidebar on that page.

Contact the Library Directly

This is where you’ll find information on how to call our Infoline service, an email form for our Ask A Librarian service, and the Reference Services guidelines, which answers a few questions about utilizing both services.  

Get Help with Digital Downloads and other E-Library Products

Because Overdrive and other sources for digital media are probably one of the most asked-about features, there is a page dedicated directly to getting help with those products. Our library staff, for example, cannot provide much assistance with certain problems in Overdrive; their direct customer service is linked on this page.

Provide Feedback

Do you have thoughts you’d like to convey about the website, or are you having trouble finding something? Is something in your account not working properly? This is where you can contact the library using a form, and relevant parties can respond by email.

This corner of the website is all about making sure you get the answers you’re looking for. Be sure to use it whenever you need to!

Questions? Call Infoline at 520 791 4010, or contact Ask A Librarian!