Sing to me! Singing with children has many benefits

Singing to and with your young children is a fun way to build emotional bonds, support their brain development, and promote learning. Did you know that singing also gets your child ready to read?

Singing to and with your child helps them hear the sounds and parts of words. Plus, it builds their vocabulary.

There are many movement songs, too, that not only get them movin’ and groovin’, but that can help them learn important concepts such as self-control.

Babies and Toddlers

Singing lullabies to your baby or toddler before naptime or bedtime is a sweet, calming way to get their brains ready for sleep. Research has shown that singing lullabies to your little ones not only helps get them ready for sleep, but also helps to support cognitive and language development.


There are many way to incorporate singing into your daily routines with your preschoolers.

  • Singing well-known songs is GREAT, and so is making up your own (and encouraging your child to make up their own, too).
  • Do they have a favorite food? Make up a song about it!
  • Do they have a favorite dinosaur or book character? Make up a song about them! With preschoolers, the sillier, the better.
  • Movement songs, as well, are a great way to get kids singing and making those crucial mind/body connections (and they are a fun way to help kids learn how to follow directions, too).
  • Try out Storytime favorites like Shake Your Sillies Out , The Goldfish Song, or Buenos Dias/Diez Deditos (these are great for toddlers, too!)

Check out some kids’ music CDs and books from the library and get singing!

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Sing With Me

-Annie, Children's Librarian, Dusenberry-River Library

Read, Write, Talk, Sing, Play!

Singing is incredibly engaging for children and has countless early literacy benefits, which include building vocabulary, slowing down language, developing memory skills, and so much more!

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