Birth to Five

Birth to Five

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Summer Learning!

This summer, we invite you to Imagine Your Story.

Tumble Book Library: Read-Along Stories, Puzzles, & Games

Kids, parents, and teachers! Reading is fun with animated talking picture books, videos, puzzles and games, and language learning.

Read-Along eBooks for Kids

Find your next book to read along with! Read-along books from OverDrive will highlight the text and read with you. Many have sound!

Read, Listen, Play!

Birth to Five Books Carousel

Reviews, Lists, & More!

ABCs galore!

These boardbooks introduce the ABCs in all sorts of ways/

From circles to squares and beyond

Learning to recognize shapes is an important step on the way to recognizing letters. These are a good start for young minds & little hands.

A Big List of Awesome Board Books!

We know that you can't come in and browse the board books right now, so here is a huge list of new board books for your youngest reader.
PimaLib_JeanSC said:

Is there a way to go through the entire alphabet with each letter representing a rabbit? Of course, says the narrator of this ABC book – even though it drives…

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Explore Summer Fun with Your Children

Read some highly-rated picture books about summer to your little ones.
PimaLib_JeanSC said:

Summertime brings summer friends, but it also brings growth and the accompanying changes. Sometimes it brings spectacular unexpected visits and new expectations…

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PimaLib_TeneciaP said:

I have always felt I was too serious...too nerdy...too introverted...too tall...too Brown...too so many things...this book was a timely reminder that I…

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Our Favorite Children's Book Illustrators

Taylor and Escarlen (Children's Services Team at Quincie Douglas library) share their favorite children's book authors.

Sing to Your Little One

Sing to your child even if you can't sing on key! Children love being sung to by their parents and it can help spark speech development.

Our Favorite Children's Book Authors

Taylor and Escarlen (Children's Services Team at Quincie Douglas library) share their favorite children's book authors.
PimaLib_TeneciaP said:

I can't with all of the cuteness of Tiny T. Rex! Fun and beautifully illustrated book about kindness and perseverance that readers of all ages can enjoy!…

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Don't be Color Blind

Talking about race with young children is vitally important and challenging. Here are books to start difficult and important conversations.
PimaLib_TeneciaP said:

My staff and I read this book and each of us stated, after we read, what a touching story it was. What I love about this book is the acknowledgement, in…

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Let's Cook Together: Child-Friendly Cookbooks!

Food connect us. Cooking also provides the opportunity for young people to practice math, reading, communication, and fine motor skills!

Names I now know

Read stories about people of color whose names may not be so recognizable. Like Rosa Parks and George Floyd, their names are worth knowing.

Black Fathers Matter

There is often much negativity when it comes to Black fathers so we celebrate and uplift them with this list.
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