Now We’re Cooking with Super Seeds

Do you find yourself checking out cook books just to look at the pictures? I admire the gorgeous photography, a glorious combination of colors and textures. However, I never get around to making any of the recipes.

This time though, it's going to be different thanks to Super Seeds. Kim Lutz's new little cook book focus on five types of seeds: chia, quinoa, flax, hemp and amaranth.What Super Seeds, opens a new window lacks in color photos, it more than makes up for with delicious recipes you might actually make.

Top recipe picks: Black bean and sweet potato chili with a side of amaranth cornbread, followed by strawberry rhubarb crisp. According to the Community Food Bank's Planting Guide, Tucsonans can plant amaranth mid-March to mid-May and again with monsoon in July and August. Chia is best planted in January and February.

Bon appetit and happy harvesting!