Model writing to your children whenever possible

At a time when professionals spend one third of their time reading and writing emails, written communication is more important than ever before for success in academics and beyond.

The earlier in life writing skills are developed, the stronger these skills will be in the long run.1

Children love to do what they see us doing! 

Let your child see you writing, often. When writing is a normal part of your daily life, it will come more naturally to them. 2

There are many opportunities for you to model writing throughout the day. For example, when you:

  • Make a grocery list
  • Write a to-do list
  • Leave a note taped to the microwave
  • Write a message on a birthday card
  • Copy out recipes by hand
  • Writing reminders on paper calendars

Make sure to include your child when you write.

Depending on your child’s stage of development, she may draw a picture of a grocery item or “scribble” words on a greeting card. He may copy his name in a greeting card.

Here are some resources in your library to help with your children’s development in writing!

Games for Writing

A Squiggly Story


Ayobami and the Names of the Animals

-Jeanne, Children's Team, Community Engagement Office


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Read, Write, Talk, Sing, Play!

When children are given a chance to explore scribbling, draw pictures, and tell stories, they are learning reading skills. Being an active participant in writing helps keep children excited about reading stories.

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