At Joel D. Valdez Main Library: bike maps and more!

We have more than just books at your local library! We're also a hub for community information. Case in point: at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library (aka Bookbike, opens a new window Braintrust Central), we just got a stack of lovely new bike maps, plus other handy printed goodies for you to stash in your basket.

The full spread includes these maps:

  • Pima County Regional Bike Map
  • The new Loop Map
  • Tucson’s Historical Neighborhoods maps

Plus, more handy bike info and flyers:

  • Share the Road
  • Comparta el Camino
  • Free Bike Safety Classes
  • Sharing the Road with Pedestrians
  • Tucson Bikeways
  • Guidelines on Getting Out
  • Need Help?

They're free for the taking while supplies last! And visit your local library often to see their current selection of leaflets, pamphlets, and flyers, distributed by agencies that serve your community.

P.S. Yes, the selection does vary at each branch -- often, like with the bike maps, they arrive at a central location first, and then we try to distribute them everywhere that needs them. We're always happy to help you try to find any info you need online, too!