ReadStrong Success- Ivan

Ivan has made leaps and bounds in his reading since he started the ReadStrong program three months ago.  His improvement has been so dramatic that his teachers and ReadStrong tutor have been shocked at how quickly Ivan has gained reading skills. Ivan struggled with Pete the Cat readers when he started, and now he is reading…
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ReadStrong Success- Leah

Leah has been attending ReadStrong for some time now. When Leah first started, she struggled to get through a sentence fluidly enough to make sense of what she had just read. Leah is a very determined and focused person. When she encounters words she is unable to decode, she now has some strategies to make sense of…
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December ReadStrong Success

ReadStrong tutoring helps students achieve higher reading levels.  This first grader has been coming to ReadStrong since the summer.  She has made great progress at school and received a special award! She and her mother were so excited and happy that they brought flowers for their ReadStrong tutor. In this picture the ReadStrong tutor, the student, and her sister…
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