Stories and Art

Stories and Art

What are you doing that’s creative? Pima County Public Library invites youth, ages 9 to 18, to ‘Imagine Our Story’

Create a recording, video, painting, drawing, or photo. Write a story, poem, or hybrid work. Doesn’t matter the medium, what matters is telling the world your story. Submit your Stories and join in any of the workshops, groups, or events! See below Gallery for how to submit your work.

Gallery of Submissions

See what others have created.

Audio and Video



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Submitting your work

How it works

Create an audio, video, writing, or art ‘Story’ for yourself, look at what others have submitted and then submit your work. The library may feature your work here on the website and on our YouTube and Flickr pages. Also, we are on Instagram at pimalibrary.arts

Create a ‘Story’

Your choice of ‘Stories’ is as wide as your imagination. Create visual art or photographs, write a short story or poetry, write a story about yourself, make music, interview a friend or family member about an experience, or film a book trailer or other video project. Check out the Tips for Stories for motivation.

How to submit

Fill out a consent form (in English or Spanish) with parent signature, and forward your consent form to OR turn it in at any branch library OR upload it with your submission.

If you are age 13 or older, submit multiple ‘Stories’ here.

If you are age 12 or younger, email your stories and images of your art to Include your name, age, and a paragraph about yourself and your inspiration.

Or, anyone age 9 to 18 can drop off your art and writing at the library anytime in the months of June and July.

  • Write your name, age and contact info on the back of your submissions.
  • Please note we cannot return your physical submissions to you.

We encourage you to submit electronically, if you can.

Other opportunities to publish your work

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