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LGBTQ: Staff Picks Masonry Block

10 reasons to get an eCard

You can get an eCard online in minutes! But why should you? Here are some really good reasons.

Rainbow Reads: Beyond ACE

Rainbow Reads recently read and discussed Ace. Here are some of the books the author references & a few more books & resources to check out.

New and On Order LGBTQ+

Here are some new and on order LGBTQ+ books you should put on hold ASAP!

Pray Away?

Can you really "pray away" someone's sexuality or gender identity? No. But that doesn't stop conversion therapy from still happening.

Rainbow Reads Book Chat - July 2021

Every other month, the Rainbow Reads Book Club shares books they've enjoyed on an LGBTQ+ theme. (And sometimes, not!)

LGBTQ+ Services Committee: Meet the Team

"I hope that LGBTQ+ youth continue to be more and more unapologetically themselves, without resistance or judgement." - Jacqueline F.

LGBTQ+ Manga

After reading My Brother's Husband, I found myself wanting (or more like needing) some more queer manga to read.

Read Black Pride: The Master List 2021

In June, we met to discuss books by queer Black authors. Here are the books we were excited to discuss.

Memorable LGBTQ+ characters

The characters in these books really made an impression on me. What characters made a difference in your life?

Diversity and inclusion in the food industry

Cook books that celebrate members of the food industry that are women, people of color, queer, or gender non-confirming.

Found Family: LGBTQ+ Reads

Found families are exactly what they sound like -- people who aren't related, but who come together and decide to call one another family.

LGBTQ+ memoirs read by the author

I love memoirs, but there's something even more magical about listening to someone tell their story.

LGBTQ+ Reads Published Before 2000

When I was growing up, we didn't have the explosion of LGBTQ+ literature we're now have. I'm so grateful for all the choices we have today!

Stonewall Was A Riot

June is when we acknowledge the work that still needs to be done, while celebrating ourselves, our endurance, and those who came before us.

Essential Pride

The LGBTQ+ Services Committee members consider these materials our "essential" Pride reads and viewing. Happy Pride Month!

Read Native: 2SLGBTQ+ authors

The American Indian Library Association invites you to read Indigenous authors for their “Read Native 2021” challenge!

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