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The Pima County Public Library LGBTQ+ Services Committee celebrates the voices of LGBTQ+ authors from varying communities and backgrounds with Rainbow Reads. Every month, we gather to discuss books by and about people from across the gender and sexuality spectrums.

On odd months (January, March, etc.) we gather for a Book Chat to share our favorite recent or past reads by LGBTQ+ authors, to be collected to post as a list on this page! (And maybe a few others.)

On even months (February, April, etc.) we have a more traditional style facilitated discussion about a specific book.

While this is a queer-themed book club, readers of all identities are welcome to attend and engage in fun, respectful dialogue.

Rainbow Reads Events

More Rainbow Reads

Rainbow Reads Book Chat - July 2022

Every other month, we share book recommendations in a round-robin style book chat. We discussed a LOT of great titles this month!

Meet Jessica P. of the LGBTQ+ Services Committee

"The biggest hope I have for future generations is the ability to openly explore their own identities and experiences." - Jessica P.

Read Black Pride 2022: The Master List

The #ReadBlack Book Club met for the annual Read Black Pride book share, in which we discussed books by LGBTQ+ authors and history.

Autistic LGBTQ+ Characters

Autistic individuals are FAR more likely to identify as queer than the general population. That's why June 18th is Autistic Pride Day.

Indigenous LGBTQ2S

Do you know what Two-Spirit means? Read books by and about Indigenous LGBTQ2S this Pride Month to learn more!

Queer mysteries and thrillers

Celebrate Pride Month with folk horror, rural noir, historical deep dives, and so much crime fiction! Brought to you by CrimeReads.

LGBTQ Memoirs

Dive into the lives of some amazing people with these LGBTQ+ memoirs!

Black, Queer, and Proud

June is LGBT Pride Month & the 3rd annual Read Black Pride book discussion! Here are some newer recommendations to talk about on June 25!

Trans and Nonbinary Love

Enjoy romance that center one or multiple trans, nonbinary, or otherwise gender nonconforming characters.

Queer Beach Reads

Here are fun & mostly easy reads featuring LGBTQ+ folks. Some are *literally* beach reads, while others are about the principle of the thing

Three Books on a Theme: Queer Foodie Coming Of Age Comics

Check out these three books that all feature young men trying to figure out what they're going to do with their lives...and lots of food!

LGBTQ+ Horror Novels

Celebrate Pride Month with some LGBTQ+ Horror novels!

Stonewall Was a Riot

June is LGBT Pride Month when we acknowledge the work that still needs to be done and celebrate ourselves and those who came before us.

Rainbow Reads: What we shared in May 2022

The Rainbow Reads Book Club met and discussed a LOT of great titles! Check them out.

LGTBQ+ Mysteries and Thrillers

Celebrate Pride Month with some LGBTQ+ mysteries and thrillers!

Let us choose new books for you!

Try out our Personalized Reading Recommendations service! Tell us what you like to read, and we'll send you a list of books to try.
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