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LGBTQ+ Services Presents: Rainbow Reads

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The Pima County Public Library LGBTQ+ Services Committee celebrates the voices of LGBTQ+ authors from varying communities and backgrounds with Rainbow Reads. Every month, we gather to discuss books by and about people from across the gender and sexuality spectrums.

On odd months (January, March, etc.) we gather for a Book Chat to share our favorite recent or past reads by LGBTQ+ authors, to be collected to post as a list on this page! (And maybe a few others.)

On even months (February, April, etc.) we have a more traditional style facilitated discussion about a specific book.

While this is a queer-themed book club, readers of all identities are welcome to attend and engage in fun, respectful dialogue.

Rainbow Reads Events

More Rainbow Reads

Read Harder 2022: An Asexual and/or Aromantic Main Character

Asexuality and aromanticism are sexual identities finally receiving recognition. There are a wide variety of identities within the spectrum.

Essential films about HIV/AIDS

Here are some films that have contributed to the discussion and changed the way people think.

Read Harder 2022: Queer Retellings

Are you Reading Harder in 2022? Here are some queer retellings of classics of the canon, fairy tales, folklore, and myths to check out!

New Year, New Books

Start the new year with some new queer books! These titles are all set to come out in the next month or so. Be sure to place your holds!

Rainbow Reads 2022

Join Rainbow Reads: A Positively Queer Reading Circle in 2022! The books here are what we'll read in the even months.

RH2022: A memoir written by someone who's trans or nonbinary

Read Harder in 2022! Here are some memoirs, both in traditional narrative format and graphic novel format, from trans and nonbinary authors.

Read Harder 2022: An Anthology Featuring Diverse Voices

Doing Read Harder in 2022? Here are some books that include voices from underrepresented and marginalized groups and genders.

Queer Fairytale Retellings

"Girls falling for fae, queens falling for princesses, and boys waking the prince of their dreams with true love’s kiss."

Want to be a better ally?

In honor of Dictionary.com naming "Allyship" as 2021 Word of the Year, here is some help to become a better ally for the LGBTQ+ Community.

Three Books on a Theme: We Inherited WHAT Now?

Check out these romances in which a shared inheritance plays a significant role.

More of a Reason to Read

Texas school districts have been pressured to censor over 800 books recently by lawmakers. Here are 50 of them to enjoy!

Happy Holigays!

What's better than a sappy holiday romance? A queer sappy holiday romance! Unwrap one of these gems for the season.

Rainbow Reads: November 2021

Check out some of the books readers shared at the most recent Rainbow Reads Book Chat!

Three books on a theme: You Had Me At …

Everyone loves a good meet cute, amirite? And there's no meet cute like an epistolary meet cute.

Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week helps raise the visibility about transgender people and addresses issues members of the community face.

New LGBTQ+ Books!

Find your new favorite in this list! Our favorite characters, Aristotle and Dante, are back along with some other highly anticipated books.
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