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LGBTQ: Staff Picks Masonry Block

Happy Holigays!

What's better than a sappy holiday romance? A queer sappy holiday romance! Unwrap one of these gems for the season.

Rainbow Reads Book Club Online

Dec 19th | 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Online Event
This month's book is Romance in Marseille by Claude McKay.

Rainbow Reads: November 2021

Check out some of the books readers shared at the most recent Rainbow Reads Book Chat!

Three books on a theme: You Had Me At …

Everyone loves a good meet cute, amirite? And there's no meet cute like an epistolary meet cute.

We belong. We’re valid. We’re not. Going. Anywhere.

"I’m Tara, a library page, and a nonbinary trans person. So this information isn’t just clinical for me. It’s personal."

Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week helps raise the visibility about transgender people and addresses issues members of the community face.

New LGBTQ+ Books!

Find your new favorite in this list! Our favorite characters, Aristotle and Dante, are back along with some other highly anticipated books.

LGBTQIA+ Reads from the Frank De La Cruz Collection

The list features LGBTQIA+ authors and reads from the Frank De La Cruz Collection.
PimaLib_RayB said:

After reading Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love 1850s-1950s, I did not think there would ever be another book of the same caliber to grace…

Read more of this comment about Dads

Four Ways We Can Help You Celebrate LGBT(Q+) History Month

October is LGBT History Month! Celebrate and explore with books, films, and events at PCPL!

Rainbow Reads: September 2021

The Rainbow Reads Book Club recently met for a book chat and shared a LOT of books! Check out the ones we recommended to each other.

Meet Ray of the LGBTQ+ Services Committee

"I hope that one-day future generations of LGBTQ+ youth can just exist without having to fight." - Ray B. (he/him/his)

10 reasons to get an eCard

You can get an eCard online in minutes! But why should you? Here are some really good reasons.

Rainbow Reads: Beyond ACE

Rainbow Reads recently read and discussed Ace. Here are some of the books the author references & a few more books & resources to check out.

New and On Order LGBTQ+

Here are some new and on order LGBTQ+ books you should put on hold ASAP!

Pray Away?

Can you really "pray away" someone's sexuality or gender identity? No. But that doesn't stop conversion therapy from still happening.

The Library's LGBTQ+ Committee

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