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LGBTQ: Staff Picks Masonry Block

Made for Flight Kites at Libraries | Nov 1-30

Through the kites, we hope to assure members of our transgender community that they have respect, support, and love.

Made for Flight Kites at Libraries

The kites are on display at Joel D. Valdez Main Library and other libraries around town to promote Transgender Awareness Month.

November is Trans Awareness Month

Trans people have all kinds of stories. It's important to know both the tragedies of life as a trans person and the joys.

Books for Asexual Awareness Week

Ace Week, the third full week in October, celebrates and recognizes all people on the asexuality spectrum.

Celebrate LGBT History Month with streaming movies

If you're looking for LGBTQ+ stories from decades (or centuries) past, check out these films available to watch on Kanopy!

Rainbow Reads Book Chat

Nov 17th | 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Exo Roast Co.
This month we share our favorite LGBTQ books of all kinds with each other. Grab a snack or coffee at Exo Roast Co. and gush about your book.

In Newly Found Audio, Civil Rights Leader on Coming Out

NPR discusses recently-revealed audio footage of Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin discussing the importance of being out as a gay man.

If you liked Sissy...

...Particularly the audiobook version of Sissy, listen to some other audiobook memoirs by fascinating people!

LGBTQ+ Memoirs to Check Out

Whether you want to laugh out loud or sob your eyes out, there are some amazing queer memoirs out there! Here are just a few to try.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Nearly one in four women and one in seven men have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner.

October's a busy month at the Library!

Looking for a good reason (but, really, who needs a reason?) to come to the Library? Here are highlights from my favorite month.

Rainbow Reads - September 2019

The Rainbow Reads Book chat was on September 15, and we talked about a lot of LGBTQ+ themed books (and some other things, as well).

Upcoming Trans, Non-binary, & Queer+ Poetry Workshops

No registration and no poetry experience needed! Three libraries will offer free workshops with TC Tolbert, Tucson's Poet Laureate.

The greatest thing about unlimited audio? This. Book.

Until a few months ago, I hadn’t listened to an audiobook in...a really long time. I would occasionally start one up to work on a project,…
PimaLib_JessicaP said:

Having reached a point in his life where he needs to reset, to be alone with his thoughts and his journals, Olu decides to go out into the country and…

Read more of this comment about Work for It

An excerpt from Jacob Tobia's "Sissy"

Read this excerpt from "Sissy" then mark your calendar for our 21st annual LGBTQ+ author series on October 16 featuring Jacob Tobia.
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