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Read Harder: Card Masonry Block - Lists & Reviews

Read Harder 2021: Fat Positive Romance

Participating in the 2021 Read Harder Challenge from Book Riot? Here are some recommendations for a fat-positive romance novel.

Read Harder 2021: A Middle Grade Mystery

Participating in Read Harder in 2021? Here are some middle grade mysteries that can be enjoyed by people of any age!

Read Harder 2020: Complete

Check out the books one Ravenous Reader read for the 2020 Read Harder Challenge and read them anytime!

Read Harder 2021: LGBTQ+ History

Are you participating in the Read Harder Challenge in 2021? Here are some recommendations of books about the history of LGBTQ+ people.

RH 2021: Realistic YA not set in the US, UK or Canada

Are you participating in the Read Harder 2021 challenge? Here are some ideas for realistic YA set in Africa, Asia, South America, and more!

Read Harder 2021: Nonfiction about Anti-Racism

Participating in Read Harder in 2021? Here are some books about anti-racism in history, theory, and practice.

Read Harder 2021: Read a Fanfic

Find recommendations for fanfiction and pastiche novels for the 2021 Read Harder Challenge.
PimaLib_ChristineR said:

In 1527 the Narvaez expedition, numbering about 600, left Spain to explore and settle "La Florida" in the new world. In 1536 the four survivors of the…

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Read Harder 2020: Read a Graphic Memoir

Doing the Read Harder challenge in 2020? Here are some recommendations for the task "Read a Graphic Memoir."

Read Harder 2020: Read a book by or about a refugee

Every refugee story is unique. Here are some titles to try for all age groups, from a variety of locations.

Read Harder 2020: Read a sci-fi/fantasy novella

All of these books are novellas (a short novel or long short story) in the science fiction and or fantasy genre.

Read Harder 2020: Climate Change

Climate change can be found in fiction, essays, religious books and of course, politics, geography and science.
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