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Are you up for new reading challenges?

Book Riot has cooked up a new challenge this year, and you can keep up all year long with blogs, lists, and links that will help you Read Harder!

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Read Harder: Card Masonry Block - Lists & Reviews

Read Harder July Check-In

I've been bad at Reading Harder for a while, so I thought it would be a good idea to review the titles I've read for the challenge so far.

Read Harder 2019: Reading=Molasses

This year's Read Harder challenge has been, well, a challenge to me!  The topics this month included a humor book and a book by a woman.

RH19: #ownvoices in Mexico or C. America

Check out this list of books set in Mexico or Central America, all written by people from those locations.

Read Harder 2019 - Running At a Snail's Pace

I wonder if Read Harder challenge fatigue is setting in? I am off to a slow start this year both in my reading and writing about the books.

Read Harder 2019: Manga

The simple definition of manga is that they are comics from Japan. There are many sub-genres, and you can jump in anywhere!

RH 2019: Written/Translated by a Woman

These novels or short story collections were written by and/or translated by women.

RH2019: Local Titles, <100 Reviews

Are you participating in the 2019 Read Harder Challenge? Wondering how to find titles that have less than 100 reviews on Goodreads?

RH2019: Animal/Inanimate Point of View

Ever wondered what dogs think? Or an elephant from the future? Read a book from their points-of-view to find out!

RH 2019: By an AOC set in or about space

Here are fiction and nonfiction that are either set in space or about it by authors of color. Bon voyage!

Read Harder 2019: Business Books

Recently published business books from thought leaders for Book Riot's 2019 Read Harder Challenge.

Read Harder 2019: Cozy Mysteries

If you don't like blood and guts but still want a good case to solve, cozy mysteries are right up your alley.

Read Harder 2019: A Humor Book

Are you doing the Read Harder challenge this year? Here are a some humor books you can find right here at PCPL! The best way to read humor…

Read Harder 2019: A Self-Published Book

Are you participating in the Read Harder Challenge this year? Here's a collection of self-published books you can get right here at PCPL!

Read Harder 2019: #ownvoices Oceania

If you're taking the Read Harder challenge, these books are set across the world! Here's a list written by authors from Oceania. Enjoy!

Reader Harder 2019: About Journalists

Part of the 2019 Read Harder Challenge? Here's the scoop! This list is full of fiction and nonfiction titles by or about journalists.
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