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Read Harder

Are you up for new reading challenges?

Book Riot has cooked up a new challenge this year, and you can keep up all year long with blogs, lists, and links that will help you Read Harder!


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Read Harder: Card Masonry Block - Lists & Reviews

Let us choose new books for you!

Try out our Personalized Reading Recommendations service! Tell us what you like to read, and we'll send you a list of books to try.

Read Harder 2022: Classics by POC

Are you reading harder this year? These titles fulfill "Read a Classic Written by a POC." This list includes classics from BIPOC authors.

Read Queerer 2022

Try to complete every Read Harder task using an LGBTQ+ author or LGBTQ+ themes. Some are easier than others. Here are a few to start!

Read Harder 2022: Recs by a friend with different tastes

Here's a list of the best of best in different genres, suggested by the staff who read them most!

Read Harder 2022: On your TBR (to be read) list the longest

Here's a list of titles PCPL staff have just not gotten around to reading yet. Maybe this is the year? HA!

Read Harder 2022: Read a Nonfiction YA Comic

Are you participating in the Read Harder Challenge? Here are YA titles that are graphic nonfiction - like graphic novels, only true.

Read Harder: A history about a period you know little about

There are so many fascinating periods of history represented on this list. Which one will you choose?

Read Harder 2022: Read a biography of an author you admire

Are you participating in the Read Harder challenge in 2022? Here is a list of author biographies that will inspire you.

Read Harder '22–A challenge from any previous year to repeat

Here are some books, both fiction and nonfiction, that meet various challenges from previous years.

Read With The Library and Join a Library Book Club in 2022!

Looking for ways to read more in the new year? The library's got you covered!

Read Harder 2022: Read a new-to-you literary magazine

Here is short list of some of the literary magazines in our electronic collection. All of them can be found on Libby. Happy Reading!

Read Harder 2022: Political thriller by marginalized author

Participating in the Read Harder Challenge? Here are some titles for a political thriller by a marginalized author (BIPOC or LGBTQ+).

Read Harder 2022: Read a “Best ____ Writing of the Year”

Here are some books about the best of different writing styles from multiple years. Books, eBooks, and audiobooks are available.

Read Harder 2022: An Asexual and/or Aromantic Main Character

Asexuality and aromanticism are sexual identities finally receiving recognition. There are a wide variety of identities within the spectrum.
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