Vote YES for Picture Books!

Are your kids asking what that "I Voted" sticker means? 

You can use these picture books to talk with your kids about voting, elections, democracy, and making their voice count.

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Understanding Both Sides of an Issue!

LaRue for Mayor /Mark Teague

Ike LaRue is running for mayor. You can follow his campaign through the series of notes he writes to his owner. The pictures accompanying these notes will make you wonder if Ike is telling the whole story. Talk to your kids about how having all the facts can change their perspective on an issue.

What makes a good Candidate?

Grace for President /Kelly DiPuccio

Grace is running for class president! Her opponent Thomas is confident he will win, because there are more boys in the class than girls. Grace works hard to volunteer at school and find out how to make her school a better place. Will all her hard work pay off? Who is the better choice?

Voting Makes a Difference!

Monster Needs your Vote /Paul Czajak

Monster goes to the polls only to find out he's too young to Vote! He decides to do the next best thing, and become a candidate. Unfortunately, he has trouble finding an issue he cares about... until he sees a closed sign on the door of the library. Talk to your kids about how candidates have an opportunity to make their communities better. Talk about how voting for someone who supports issues that are important to them can make a difference!

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