Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day. A day to celebrate that special someone? A Hallmark Holiday? Singles' Awareness Day? If you ask me, it's none of those things.

Valentine's Day is all about the candy.

And what better way to commemorate the day than with a sweet treat like Steve Almond's Candyfreak, a book the profiles the makers of candies like Valomilks and Goo Goo Clusters?

Or how about Hilary Liftin's memoir Candy and Me, which connects every chapter of the author's life to a candy memory? (There's even a chapter on conversation hearts.)

Or if you're feeling adventurous, why not check out Brittles, Barks, & Bonbons and try to make some yummy snacks? Just remember to wash the sugar and chocolate from your hands before handling the library books!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!