Get the best books for you with Personalized Reading Recommendations!

Have you read everything on your list? Or are you trying to find something in a new genre or category to read? (Or just new in general?) 

Enter Personal Reading Assistants!

Our Assistants have specialized reading habits, just like you. Depending on what type of book you’re looking for, choose the right Assistant for you. Their specialties run the gamut from YA Fantasy (bonus if it’s LGBTQ+) to Historical and International Fiction to Mysteries of all types.

Don't want one of these topics? Not exactly sure what you want? We can still send you recommendations!

Here's how you do it:

  • Tell us what genre or topic you like or are looking for
  • Give us some books you liked and didn’t like (and tell us why, if you want)
  • Tell us about your reading preferences and habits, and what you might *not* want to read

And we’ll get you on your way in a week or two.

Each requester will get an email with three to five book recommendations and a few sentences for why we think you’ll like each one. We’ll provide links to the items in the catalog, where you can put them on hold to pick up at your local library or check them out digitally!

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