Three on a Theme: Reality TV Romance

People go on reality television for several reasons – the fame, the prize, the… love? The cast of these novels may not be leaving the airwaves with the prize they expected!

The Charm Offensive

You’d think that Charlie would be on a dating show to find love, but he has secrets that makes him come off as less than charming to the cameras and his love interests. Insert his producer, Dev, who makes it his sole job to coach Charlie through the process and create a season of Ever After that nobody will forget (or at least that won’t get the show cancelled!)

Love & Other Disasters

Things are steaming up in this kitchen! Dahlia is a home cook who’s competing in Chef’s Special, a cooking competition where amateurs can try to make their culinary dreams come true. Too bad her competition, London, is starting to become a distraction…

The Love Con

Kenya is a cosplayer who sees the show Cosplay or No Way as her chance to make her hobby into a career, but there’s a catch – she needs to compete with her significant other. Fake dating trope fans will be relieved to hear that her best friend comes to her rescue and agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend. What could go wrong?

-Amy B.