Three Books on a Theme: Snowed in Sapphics

The winter holidays are here, which means it’s the perfect time to read a cozy novel about being snowed in. These sapphic (F/F) romances fit the bill and include an oft overlooked demographic in the romance department. Here are three books that will warm your heart during cold winter nights.

No Parking

This sweet (literally, it involves some yummy baked goods) romance features a rivals-to-lovers plotline and a heavy blizzard to boost tensions. Baker Marianne Windmere is frustrated with the owner of the new restaurant next door because her customers always use up all the spaces in the parking lot. But when a blizzard traps them together, will a blossoming love allow them to overcome their differences? In addition to sapphics, this book also includes asexual and trans representation.

How to Excavate A Heart

Shani is in DC for the winter break after her first semester of college to complete an internship at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and get over a broken heart which leaves her never wanting to date again. May is stuck with her dad for the holidays due to a custody arrangement. When coming into town Shani’s mom bumps into May with her car. For Shani, it’s love at first sight. For May, it’s the opposite. Then they keep running into each other. Will a blizzard be enough to bring them together?

Murder Most Actual

This second-chance romance features an interesting twist: it’s also a murder mystery! Liza and Hanna are on a getaway to a remote castle in Scotland to try and save their marriage. Not long after they arrive, a snowstorm traps them there with no connection to the outside world. When the other guests start being murdered, it becomes a challenge to save not only their marriage, but their lives.