Rhyme Time – Fun With Math

We naturally think of saying rhymes with children as a way of teaching language and introducing new vocabulary, but rhymes can also be a fun way to introduce math concepts to kids. Children have a natural curiosity in the world around them and love to count, measure, sort, and compare. These are all early math concepts that help kids get ready for more complex math.  The rhyme below has some simple addition that older children will enjoy but also simple rhyming words and finger actions that your wee ones will like.

Two Little Pigs

Two little pigs lived in a pen. (hold up thumbs)

They each had four babies, and that made ten. (hold up fingers and thumbs)

These four babies were black and white. (hold up fingers on left hand)

These four babies were black as night. (hold up fingers on right hand)

All eight babies loved to play,  (hold up fingers on both hands)

They rolled and rolled in the mud each day. (circle hands around each other)