NoveList is the Novellest…

In a reading slump? Read a book and want more just like it? Well, have we got the thing for you!

NoveList, opens a new window is a digital resource available in our E-Library. If it sounds familiar, it's because you can see recommendations from NoveList pop up in our catalog in most book records. If you click View all from NoveList, you'll get more book recommendations (though we can't guarantee they'll all be in the catalog) and some other cool stuff!

If you want more, you can click on the button at the bottom of the page that says Launch This Resource, or go to NoveList through our E-Library: Reading Recommendations page anytime. From there, your options are nearly overwhelming. Read-alikes are only the beginning.

It's fun to browse around in NoveList!

Have an idea of what you want to read next, as far as style or type are concerned, but don't really know what book to read? Try the appeal mixer under Browse By > Appeal. You can limit by character, pacing, plot, tone, style, etc. and get a nice list of books to try. Then you can click a button and see if it's in our collection (and it will bring you right back to the catalog!). Not sure what you want? If you just search by Appeal, they'll give you a few themes to try: "thought-provoking and compelling"? "Character driven and conversational"? They've got suggestions for you.

Actually, they've got suggestions everywhere! Want a read-alike for The Girl on the Train? They've got a list for that. Want a list of Canadian Fiction? They've got that, too. Want to read an award winner? Dig into their lists of pretty much every book award ever. There are so many lists and suggestions here, you'll probably still not know what you want to read...first.

But, if you really get overwhelmed, NoveList has made some tutorials to make you feel like a power user:

Try Finding Books Using Appeal and Finding Books by Genre to learn how to find books when you already have an idea of what you want.

So have a look around, play with limiters and read lists! There is so much to do in NoveList, it's a wonder we ever actually get around to the books!