Gender Bender Retelling of Robin Hood

"Scarlet" by A.C Gaughen is not your usual Robin Hood adventure. With a gender bender protagonist, Robin Hood's ally, Will "Scar" Scarlet, is in danger of having her real identity revealed by Lord Gisbose, the thief-taker that set out to eradicate Robin Hood and his men once and for all in Nottingham. Little by little, secrets come out. Secrets that endanger Scarlet more than her association with Robin Hood. With that distinctive twist of Will Scarlet, the reimagined tale is incredible.


I had my doubts when I first picked up this book, not entirely sure on whether it will be like any of those fan-fictions where a character changes gender, but this book went beyond my expectations. The small twist on the classic tale of Robin Hood makes it an enticing read for any classic loving reader or any modern-day literature fanatic.

-Nitya, River Teen Advisory Board