Botany and Disco Music on Mars

The Martian by Andy Weir is a tale of survival and human ingenuity. It tells the story of astronaut Mark Watney, left alone on Mars after a massive storm on the red planet almost kills him and forces the rest of his crew to abort their mission and leave Mars. For the next few years Watney has to rely on his skills as a botanist and his wit to survive Mars' unforgiving environment and his commander's collection of disco music.

I only read The Martian after seeing the movie in theaters (starring Matt Damon). The movie was very enjoyable because of the cinematography, special effects, and the actors' performances. While reading the book I was surprised how thought-out everything was scientifically, from Watney figuring out how to grow potatoes on Mars, to NASA finding the correct trajectory to intercept Watney in orbit. I would highly recommend those interested to read the book and watch the movie. In the book Watney has more time to think, so in the movie several scenes where he just talks are omitted.

-Mariam, River Teen Advisory Board