A Land I Keep Escaping To

For over half of my life I have been reading Tamora Pierce’s books that detail a fantastical world with remarkable heroines. Their individual stories are woven together through the setting of a magical place, the Kingdom of Tortall, which is filled with mages, royalty, spirits, gods, assassins and more.  Each of Pierce’s series take place in the same world, though the timelines and exact locations vary from story to story.


For someone who has been reading her books for so long, one would think that I might stop being so surprised and amazed at the incredible storytelling ability that is found within. However, Tamora Pierce’s latest series, Provost’s Dog, had me entranced again.  The first book, titled Terrier, tells the story of a teenage girl, Beka Cooper, who is training to be a ‘dog’ for the Provost’s Guard, which is the equivalent of the country’s police force.  The story shows Beka’s unwavering determination and perseverance as she fights to earn the title of ‘dog’ and work against the country’s worst criminals.

This story immediately pulled me in from the start.  From the get-go, it was clear that Beka was no ordinary human.  She has an amazing ability to talk to animals, and an incredibly sharp mind to go along with it.  As the story progressed however, the reader soon learns that Beka is so much more than a smart and magically gifted person.  Beka is a heroine who proves that hard-work beats talent, as she never stops pushing her limits to make her beloved nation safe.  Reading the book inspired me to work harder in all aspects of my life, because really, if Beka Cooper can run at top speed for 30 miles with a bad knife wound so that she can catch a gang of criminals, I think that I can stop procrastinating, and sit down and write my essay!

I highly recommend this book to anyone; a lover or  less than enthusiast of books, an athlete or a clumsy person, someone who is inspired or one who takes comfort in the mundane.  No matter who you are, I can guarantee that you can get something out of this amazing series, it may be simple pleasure or you might find a life lesson that changes your life.

-Keiko, River Teen Advisory Board

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