10 reasons to get an eCard

Do you already have a library card? Good deal! You probably know about a bunch of great things you can do with your library card.

If you don’t have one yet, you should know you don’t have to come into the Library to get one. You can get an eCard online in minutes! But why should you? Here are some really good reasons.

Reason #10: You can learn a language… or 10… or 20

I mean, maybe you have a lot of time. Or you travel a lot … in normal times. Or you want to prep for travel in the future. If so, Pronunciator is for you. Learn any of 100 different languages at your own pace. It’s mobile-friendly, too, so you can learn it on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Which language are you going to learn on Pronunciator?

Reason #9: To read the New York Times without paying for it

Don’t you hate it when your friend sends you a link to an article, and you’ve already met your free limit with New York Times Online? No more! You can read for free by getting a redemption code from the Library.

Get your NYT code here.

Reason #8: Audiobooks are the best!

How does this sound? You can get your reading in while going about your day – running errands, cleaning, cooking, exercising, and even while telecommuting. Audiobooks make the day BETTER. And you have your choice out of literally thousands of audiobooks in OverDrive’s Libby app.

Get the Libby app or visit the OverDrive website and start listening.

Reason #7: Because you want to research your family tree

Ancestry Library Edition is available to use for free from home through 2021, so get started on your family tree today.

Build your family tree.

Reason #6: You are an avid eBook reader and you need more, more, more!

You’ll never run out of books to read if you sign up for an eCard and get started with OverDrive’s Libby app. Whether you like fiction or nonfiction, fluffy or serious, we have oodles of titles to choose from. And yes, you can read on your Kindle.

Find your next favorite read on the Libby app or the OverDrive website.

Reason #5: You want to take a class online in your pjs, but don’t want to pay tuition

With over 500 courses from topics from conflict management to baking essentials, you can spend countless hours lost in Universal Class learning to your heart’s content. Whether you want to up your skills in computer tech, learn to paint watercolors, or take class in nutrition, there is something here to interest you.

Get comfy and take an online class in Universal Class.

Reason #4: Comics and manga are your escape valve

We also have comics and manga in droves. You like fantasy, scifi, superheroes? We got ‘em.

Dive into comics and graphic novels on the Libby app or the OverDrive website.

Reason #3: Free music streaming and downloads

Freegal lets you download five free songs every week, and they're yours to keep. Listen to thousands of artists and tens of thousands of albums, including today's biggest hits. Don’t have enough weekly downloads? You can stream music, too!

Dance and sing your heart out using Freegal.

Reason #2: Magazine subscriptions are pricey, but reading magazines online is free from the Library

There are 3,000+ tiles available in OverDrive or the Libby app. And you can check out up to 20 titles at a time in OverDrive or Libby, return them when you’re done, and then get another 20. Will you ever run out of magazines? Nope.

Thumb through your favorite magazine in the Libby app or on the OverDrive website.

Reason #1: You just cannot pay for one more streaming service, but you still have so much more you want to watch!

Kanopy Streaming Video is a different kind of streaming service, and you’ll find something you love to add to your watchlist. You have 5 credits to use every single month for free with your library card.

Build your watchlist on Kanopy here.

Convinced? I thought you might be. Get your eCard now!