Fresh Seed Library News: Find seeds by searching for the planting month

We make it easy to find which seeds you can plant when. You can search our seeds in the catalog by month!

For example, if you're looking for which seeds we recommend planting in January, just type "seeds january" or "seed library january" into the search box and search by keyword. All of the available seeds that you can plant in January will show up at the top of your search.Towards the bottom of your search, you'll see less-relevant results creeping in, like gardening books. To filter them out, limit your search to "3-D Object" by using the filters on the left.

For your convenience, here are handy links to each month's seeds. If you hit a "dry" month without any results found, try placing a hold on something available to plant for next month, instead!

For more details about gardening by local seasons, visit our Seed Library page, opens a new window, which sprouts up Now Sowing blogs with all kinds of useful (and often punny) info!