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The Complete Persepolis Nimona Rocket Girl Ms. Marvel
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Comics Written And/Or Drawn by Women

A list of amazing comics written and/or drawn by women. Available at PCPL.

recommended by PimaLib_ErikaJ

oliver sacks portrait
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Remembering Oliver Sacks

Brilliant neurologist and insightful author Oliver Sacks passed away Sunday, 8/30. Find his books in our catalog here.

Shadowshaper Life From Scratch The Day the World Came to Town It Chooses You
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Staff Picks, August-September 2015

Books that the Ravenous Readers of PCPL recommend.

recommended by PimaLib_RavenousReaders

Louis I, King of Sheep Romancing the Dark in the City of Light Thug Kitchen Party Grub Slice Harvester
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August 24: Books Worth A Look!

Cool new titles, hot off the presses, picked by your PCPL Collection Development staff.

recommended by PimaLib_WeBuyTheBooks

Secrets of the Knights Templar National Treasure The Da Vinci Code The Freemasons
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Shhhhh... We're a secret society group!

Secret societies have been rumored to be running the world, Freemasons, the presidency, and even Nicolas Cage movies. PCPL has all your secr…

recommended by PimaLib_WilliamB

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pimacountylibrary You'll be glad to know Curious George is doing well and feeling himself again, thanks to Nurse Janis and Dr. Bethany. #storytime #librarylif…
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Glow in the Dark

"If the Vikings were around today, they would probably be amazed at how much glow-in-the-dark stuff we have, and how we take so much of it for gr…

recommended by PimaLib_ErikaJ

Read to a Dog at the Library
By PimaLib_librarianfiles

Kids come to library during Read to a Dog and select a book to read to a furry friend, who will accept the story exactly as they read it.

Behind the Scenes at Computer Classes

In the Star: two computer instructors share their stories about teaching at Flowing Wells, Valencia, and El Pueblo Libraries.

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On Hauntings

Scary, silly, scientifically explainable or possibly paranormal: Whatever your opinion on haunting phenomena, PCPL has something for you.

recommended by PimaLib_ErikaJ

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Kids & Families
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ReadStrong Tutor Book List

These are some of the books I am currently using with some of my ReadStrong students. These books are easy to read for kids who typically s…

recommended by PimaLib_XochitlC

Online Resource
STEM Activities for the Preschool Set

Printable teaching guide for parents and educators with fun, simple STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) activities for kid. (PDF)

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Awesome Third Grade Book List

Is reading a chore for your third grader? Not with the awesome books on this list which was conpiled by PCPL childrens' librarians.

recommended by PimaLib_CherylM

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If you love Dork Diaries

Try these humorous graphic novels and illustrated books from PCPL, all about girls (and some boys) dealing with drama.

recommended by PimaLib_SarahB

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One of the six traits of writing your teacher is looking for: Voice brings the author's viewpoint to the reader in a strong manner. PCPL's p…

recommended by PimaLib_Kids

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Beyond Books
Scre4m How to Survive A Horror Movie Fantastic Flesh Horror!
Staff List
Is the Nightmare Over, or Just Beginning…

Horror director Wes Craven passed away 8/30/2015. Here are some works by and about him at PCPL.

recommended by PimaLib_JB

Robin Hood Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Ex Machina Game of Thrones
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Who are all these actors in the new Star…

Yes, there's a new Star Wars movie coming out. That will be true for most of the next few years, which is good news for those of us who are …

recommended by PimaLib_JonM

20 Feet From Stardom Soul Power The Beatles Anthology No Direction Home
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Top 10 (11) Rockumentaries at PCPL

This is simply a list of my favorite documentaries available to you with your library card.

recommended by PimaLib_BrianC

Catalog cover Image
Community Choice
The Wall
By Pink Floyd (Musical group)

This may be a tough one to love, but over time, you'll grow to embrace. Although nihilistic and often surreal to even listen, "The Wall" sur… More

shared by 1seak

cranes are flying DVD cover image
The Cranes Are Flying
By PimaLib_ChrisD

This 1957 film, directed by Mikhail Kalatazov, won the Palme D'Or at Cannes, but I wonder how many in the West have even heard of it.

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¡Descubre tu biblioteca!
screenshot of never too early PDF
Indicadores Del Desarrollo (PDF)

Aprenda más sobre su bebé, para que pueda estar al tanto de su desarrollo. Sonreír, gorjear y balbucear son solo algunos de los indicadores …

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Staff Pick
La hija de la chuparrosa
By Luis Alberto Urrea

El desierto sonorense, la magia, la tradición y la historia combinada con la riqueza del lenguaje del autor y su traductor. Me encantó.

recommended by PimaLib_MaryG

movie theater interior
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10 películas de IndieFlix en español

¿Te gustaría ver películas de todo el mundo, instantáneamente? Trate IndieFlix! Con su tarjeta de PCPL se puede ver películas independientes…

recommended by PimaLib_NuestrasRaices

Catalog cover Image
Community Choice
El alquimista
By Paulo Coelho

¡El mejor libro de Paulo Coelho!

shared by angiecadden

Gays y lesbianas Aprendices de brujo Tres junios Cartas a la sombra de tu piel
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Libros de Mariposas: LGBTQ libros en es…

¿Usted tiene interes en libros de temas homosexuales, lesbiana, gay, transgenero, o bisexual? Echa un vistazo a uno de estos títulos, dispo…

recommended by PimaLib_RachelW

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Business, Jobs, and Nonprofits

Does #tech training still have impact? Susana and Alan @PimaLibrary tell @TucsonStar YES! @ #

3:58 PM - 26 Aug 2015

Nonprofit Sustainability Fund Raising Realities Every Board Member Must Face The Board Member's Easier Than You Think Guide to Nonprofit Finances Fundraising When Money Is Tight
Staff List
Making Nonprofits Profitable

Nonprofits need financial and marketing savvy to find regular sources of income. Take a look at this list for more info on how to prepare in…

recommended by PimaLib_ideaspace

Melinda Cervantes
Profiles in Business: PCPL Interview

Our Executive Director Melinda Cervantes talks to the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce about the Cradle2Career education initiative & more.

pimacountylibrary We mapped our interests and concerns today at the Women of Purpose Lean In Circle today, and this was one of the post-its. #leanin #goforit …
Odd Jobs Still Life Smoke Gets in your Eyes So, You Want to Be A Comic Book Artist?
Staff List
Odd Jobs

I love reading about unconventional occupations. I myself have had a few ka-raaazy jobs, believe you me, man oh man. Here's a list of title…

recommended by PimaLib_ErikaJ

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Allegiant The Darkest Minds Looking for Alaska
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YA Lit Films coming soon!

These fantastic YA novels will hit the big screen in 2016--or sooner. Hurry! Read the book at PCPL before the movie.

recommended by PimaLib_Teens

Red Queen All the Bright Places The Heart of Betrayal Finding Audrey
Staff List
Best Books of 2015 (so far)

Your peers have spoken! These are BEST books of 2015 (so far...). Don't take my word for it, just check out the PCPL hold lists for these ba…

recommended by PimaLib_Teens

Gadgets and Inventions The Art of War Classical Budo Danger!
Staff List
What would Batman read?

Is that our logo or is it...the bat signal? These are the books Bruce Wa...I mean, Batman, would check out from PCPL.

recommended by PimaLib_Teens

Downtown Tucson
40 Things for Teens to Do in Tucson

Who says Tucson has nothing for teens to do? Check out this list!

Catalog cover Image
Staff Pick
The Cure for Dreaming
By Cat Winters

Wanted: Hypnotist to rid daughter of chutzpah! Yep, Olivia Mead’s father has a plan. Horrified that Olivia acts, thinks and dreams in su… More

recommended by PimaLib_MegginK

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Digital Media
image of the i love my library sticker
Library Love: You improve my life
By PimaLib_JustForFun

"I just wanted to thank you for your services and tell you how you improve my life...

veedon place album cover
Van Morrison on Freegal!
By PimaLib_CarlM

I ventured through the slipstream...And when I got to work today I discovered that a hefty chuck of Van Morrison's catalog has been made av…

ok magazine cover
Online Resource
Save Money in the Checkout Line...

...And borrow the latest OK Magazine from the library. Read it on your PC, phone, or tablet, and no one can judge your reading by the cover!

Wait for Signs book cover
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Don't miss the story with the bears

Great short stories! Take your pick - book, eBook, or downloadable audiobook.

one direction no control single cover
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Recommended by Teens....Great Songs Foun…

Teen volunteers found these great songs (and many more) available for free on the PCPL website! Get your free songs at Freegal.

recommended by PimaLib_Teens

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Local Interest
pima county courthouse dome
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes in Pima County

From our Facebook: "Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the dome of the Pima County Court House? These are great!"

pimacountylibrary More 3D printing and laser-etching fun from @Xerocraft Hackerspace. #tucson
Harry and the Potters at Club Congress
Listen to Bands Coming to HoCoFest 2015
By PimaLib_RhythmAndNews

Hotel Congress is turning 30 and throwing a big ol' bash for all of us to enjoy! HoCo Fest takes place over Labor Day Weekend, with scads o…

How to Grow A School Garden Edible Schoolyard It's Our Garden Ripe for Change
Staff List
Sprouting A School Garden

School gardens are sprouting up all over. Here's a list of resources to help get you started. Compiled by the PCPL Seed Library.

recommended by PimaLib_SeedLibrary

Gates Pass
The Tucson experience: 50 must-do's

The Arizona Daily Star rolls out the top 50 essential Tucson experiences. How many can you check off your list?

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