We’re flattered, thank you!

Are you curious to know what people think of Pima County Public Library? Here are just some of the comments we've recently received...

The libraries are welcoming and safe, staff members are helpful, and the online system is easy to use. I think it's a terrific library system and I am happy to support it with my tax dollars… I brag about our excellent library system to out of town friends and family.

The Library is a very important resource for our community, and one that is so undervalued in culture today. Let's get the word out: Enjoy the offerings of Pima County Public Library!

I can always count on the Library if I need something.

Pima County Library is a wonderful resource! I chose my townhouse based on close proximity to my library.

Everyone that works at the library is very friendly and so helpful that I love going. I am new to the area and the library has been a very welcoming place. I am very grateful that they are so close to home.

It’s the best place to find answers.

You have amazing resources, including diverse summer programming for youth. I brought my three nieces—ages 8, 3, and 3—and all the programming, take home art kits, integration with books and culture, as well as the incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and warm librarians was amazing.


I was thinking how empty and dull life would be without Joel D. Valdez Main Library and other branches all over Tucson, where you can find something to read, listen to, watch, or plant!

Truly has something for everyone!

The staff is fabulous. The service is the best. I have lived in a number of other cities, but Pima County Public Library ranks at the top of my experiences.

Pima County Library is an outstanding example of service to local individuals and families. Thank you library workers!

The Library is a fantastic place. The free access to books, other materials and the encouragement of self-expression is harbored and natured within its walls. Pima County Public Library has helpful staff and a wide array of resources available to patrons. I find something new each time.

The best places to hang out are your libraries.

What can be better than books and helpful people?!

What a wonderful privilege it is to be able to experience all that your library has to offer!

I love coming to the Library. All of your branches are lovely and welcoming.

This is the finest library I have ever been to.

I think our library is the most people-friendly service ever provided to Tucsonans by local government.

I love reading.  You have books.  I read for free. What could be better?

Library employees are consistently kind and knowledgeable.

As a polyliterate I love the selection of books in other languages. Pima County Public Library has such a great collection.

It’s always a privilege to have accessible public space for people looking to expand their knowledge.

The Library is a wonderful space to be surrounded by the gifts of knowledge from all cultures and creative individuals.

Public libraries are vital, especially in this age of misinformation. I always have great experiences with Pima County Public libraries.