Volunteer Spotlight: Valerie Robinson

Valerie began facilitating Mindfulness Meditation and More classes at Joyner-Green Valley Library at the end of 2022. She leads the class on the first Tuesday of every month.

 We asked Valerie if she could tell us more about her experience volunteering in this role:

I am a participant and one of the volunteer facilitators for the Mindfulness Meditation and More class held on Tuesdays at 4 pm at Joyner-Green Valley Library.  Because of the naturally peaceful and calm atmosphere the library provides, it has become my favorite place to practice group meditation. Mindfulness meditation emphasizes non-judgmental awareness of the present moment.  The focus and benefits of the practice are developing equanimity and the ability to relate to situations, oneself, and others with kindness, acceptance, and compassion.  As a result of practicing mindfulness meditation, I have less fears about the future, fewer regrets or emotional suffering from the past, and I am more in tune with the here and now in a more loving way.  Mindfulness Meditation has changed how I view myself and my fellow man.  It has helped me to cultivate a more grateful attitude in my daily living.  How fortunate it is our library provides a quiet, safe haven where, as a community, we can learn and practice this manner of mindful living.

Our library provides many other free services to our community.  It keeps us informed of upcoming events and classes, gives us access to computers and printers, books, CDs, and more. The library encourages learning for all ages without any discrimination or bias.  There is always help available from the staff and community volunteers.  Our library is a wonderful place that affords us all the opportunity to learn and grow.

Library Associate Deborah Bosma is the Volunteer Coordinator at Joyner-Green Valley Library says, “Valerie is amazing! I love that she writes her own heartfelt and touching meditations.”

Fun fact! Last year, 975 volunteers shared 5,855 hours at library locations!

Do you—or someone you know—want to attend a meditation class? Find the schedule on our event calendar.