Synapse Team supports the community in mental health and wellness

(Tucson, AZ) Pima County Public Library is proud to announce the launch of the Synapse Team. This new affinity team recognizes the increasing need for mental health support in Pima County. It joins the Library's previously established teams: Kindred, Nuestras Raíces, Many Nations, Welcome to America, Biblio Lotus, Pride (previously the LGBTQ+ Services Committee), and the Seed Library

The team, consisting of multiple staff members across service levels and multiple branches, aims to create a community that feels more at ease discussing mental health topics without the stigma that often surrounds them. To accomplish this, the Synapse Team is committed to providing community resources, curated book lists, programs, articles from trusted sources, and blog posts that highlight the challenges and barriers—and ways to address them—individuals face. In addition, the team will actively work with the Library's Collection Development Department to determine gaps in the collection and make available materials relevant to community needs. 

The team's first program will be a Holiday Survival Grab-n-Go Kit, which will be available at library branches mid-December and will feature art, activities, and best practices for self-care during the holiday season. 

Synapse Team Mission:
  • To connect patrons and staff to information to educate and inform optimal mental health.
  • To reduce stigma often associated with mental health issues so that community members are empowered to seek necessary help.
  • To be a bridge of information to community partners, who can further assist with expertise.
Synapse Team Values:
  • Diversity: We honor that everyone has their own story, and that one person’s mental health needs will be different from those of another. We strive to work across age groups, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status by working with affinity
    teams and service levels to best meet the needs of each group.
  • Inclusion: We include all in our mission to optimize mental health in our community.
  • Education: We strive to continue educating ourselves with the goal to connect patrons to mental health education and support.
  • Community: We are welcoming, open, and ready to connect our patrons with the information they need to maintain good mental health.


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