Imagine Our Story

We invite you to tell the story of you, your friends, and family.

What are you doing that’s creative this summer? Create a recording, video, painting, drawing, or photo. Write a story, poem, or hybrid work. Doesn’t matter the medium, what matters is telling the world your story. Submit your Stories and join in any of the workshops, groups, or events!

Your Art & Stories

Your choice of ‘Stories’ is as wide as your imagination.

Create visual art or photographs, write a short story or poetry, write a story about yourself, make music, interview a friend or family member about an experience, or film a book trailer or other video project.

We will showcase submissions on our website, YouTube, and Flickr pages.

Recorded workshop

Want tips about interviewing? Watch our Teen Interview Orientation. We spent an hour chatting with Mark McLemore of AZPM about interviewing techniques.

Virtual Volunteers

Teens 14 to 18 can volunteer to work with other teens & librarian mentors on meaningful projects from home.

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