What assistive technology is available at the Library?

At All Libraries

Screen Magnification

All libraries offer MAGic Magnification Software with Speech. Magic is a screen magnifier.

Large Type Keyboard

All libraries have a large type keyboard.

OverDrive eBooks

At Some Libraries

SmartLux Digital Hand-held Electronic Magnifier

Assistive Technology Workstations

Five of our libraries have assistive technology workstations.

Assistive technology workstations have:

1. For Reading Challenges: Wynn Wizard - improve reading and writing skills

2. For Difficulty Typing: Dragon Naturally Speaking - use voice commands and see your spoken words typed on screen

3. For Visual Impairments: JAWS Screen Reader

4. Scanner for documents

  • Scan a document for reading out loud in Wynn Wizard or JAWS.
  • Scan a document to edit in Wynn Wizard.
  • Scan a document to save in PDF format.

At Joel D. Valdez Main Library

All of the above, plus:

  • Braille embosser / printer with software to translate text to Braille
  • Scanner to translate documents into Braille
  • OpenBook software plus optical character recognition scanner (converts print to speech)

Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD)

Available from the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records.

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