Would you kill others for your freedom?

If you're looking for a high fantasy book that is fast paced with well flushed out characters, Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas, is definitely for you. The best way to describe this book is a less blood bath version of Hunger Games. Enter Celaena Sardothien. At age 18, she is the best assassin in the land, however she has spent the last year slaving away in a death camp after her capture. One day, the captain of the Crown Guard approaches her, and takes her to the palace, where she is told that if she can defeat 30 other contestants, she will be the king's Champion(i.e. his assassin), and after four years will gain her freedom. Celaena takes the opportunity, willing to sacrifice everything for her freedom, despite her burning hatred for the king and his empire.

Overall I rate this book a total of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I love the world Sarah J. Maas weaves, her characters, and her motives. I think my favorite part was how, despite being an assassin, Celaena was still very relatable. She loved to indulge in traditionally “girly” things like dresses, yet she was still smart and didn't rely on a man to save her. On top of that she was witty, sarcastic and very intelligent. Reading the story from her point of view never failed to entertain me.  Despite the presence of a love triangle, this book did not rely on it. Celaena was a very independent character who was more than capable of fighting her own battles. Another great aspect of this book is how well thought out the side characters are. We get to see different sides of them and how it all ties together to form the main plot. I found this book very easy to get drawn into and I can't wait to continue with the rest of the series!

-Nika, Member of the (Dusen)Berry Bloggers and the River Teen Advisory Board

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