Browsable Resource: Freegal Music

Freegal is one of those fabulous resources that provides library users with entertainment they can stream and sometimes even keep! The website for Freegal Music is so browsable, you could lose hours just looking for things to listen to. Discover something new, or find old favorites.

Freegal Music, opens a new window

Freegal Music is like an online music store with a song limit. Every week, you get five free downloads from the Freegal Music Library, which consists of a huge selection of music both classic and current. You won't be able to find everything but it does have some new blockbuster music. There are even some audiobooks!  Also, you can download music videos (but they're worth two song downloads, so choose wisely).

Freegal also allows 24-hour streaming through 2020 to help us all weather the pandemic in a good mood.

Run out of downloads? Don't worry about going back to find them. The sites has easily accessible wish list options where you can add anything you want to come back and get when the next week begins.

So the next time you want to download a few new songs, wander through Freegal Music for some entertaining fun.