Website and Catalog Tip of the Week #26: Find it in the E-Library (for Kids)!

A couple tips ago, we talked about the E-Library, and good resources you could use in the E-Library for any interest or need you had that was history related.

This time, we’re looking at what’s in the E-Library for kids!

Just as there is for adults, there’s something in every category for kids, whether it’s research related or just for fun. Here are some good places to find tools and resources for young readers up to the eighth grade.

For School 

Even the youngest little researchers can find tools to help them gather information through the E-Library.

Have tiny pre-readers? Go into World Book’s Early World of Learning to introduce them to information, even if they’re not fully up on their letters. It talks! Just hover over or touch a subject, and you can use a combination of spoken and written word to help your little ones learn faster.

And if they are already reading, send them to World Book Kids. This is where you’ll start to see chunks of text about any research topic, and it also has games and puzzles. There are tons of features to help a young elementary-aged researcher get started on a project, including a whole section of step-by-step science experiments. If your young reader is better at Spanish, they can use Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos, too! And if they need a general information resource but can’t use an encyclopedia, they can find similar results in Kids Infobits Library, which can be translated into twelve languages.

Some other good resources to know:

culturegramsCultureGrams is a catch-all place for information about individual countries, American states, and Canadian provinces. Check there if you're looking for a national anthem or holiday traditions. You can also find population info, popular foods and traditions, and other information for a country or state report.

Similar to the science projects section of World Book Kids, Science Buddies is a free website with science project guides and other science information directed primarily at elementary- and middle school-aged kids.

Need homework help? Brainfuse is a site where anyone can connect to an online tutor, whether they are in kindergarten or college. Every day, from 2-11pm, tutors are available to work with kids in most subjects.

Taking an entrance exam for a special high school or need to take the Independent Schools Entrance Exam? Check out Testing and Education Reference Center.


For Fun!

If you’re looking for fun things to read, especially for younger people who could benefit from digital read-along books, try out ABCMouse (only available in the library) and Tumble Book Library. Tumble Book Library also has chapter books and novels for tweens and young teens. Everything here is available for your use anytime; no checkout necessary!

For more, see what’s available here:

Overdrive Kids - single use, checked out ebooks and audiobooks for younger readers.highlights-cover

RB Digital Magazines for Kids - read complete magazines like Highlights and Cricket, either in your browser or downloaded onto a device.

Other Magazines - look in MasterFILE to find Jack & Jill magazine and Ladybug magazine.

RB Digital - check out more ebooks and audiobooks here and download them to the special RBDigital app.

InstantFlix - find independent and mainstream films ranging from three minutes to thirty hours, filtered by age-group.

Still not sure what you're looking for? Check out the complete E-Library to see for yourself what options you have available to you.

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