Use science to feel better

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Books I Recommend: Dr. Faith G. Harper, LPC-S, ACS, ACN

Unf#ck Your Anger: Using Science to Understand Frustration, Rage, and Forgiveness

I recommend this book if you are looking for someone to tell you how to better your life quickly and simply. Dr. Harper has a way with words and tries to spare the BS. It is a wonderful guide to understanding your anger responses with lots of exercises for self-accountability. This book is for people who want to better themselves and emote their anger in healthier ways. 

Unf#ck Your Body: Using Science to Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Move, and Feel Better

I loved this book! Dr. Harper knows her audience and can describe things in a way that is easy for the average layperson to understand. I now know so much about my body that I didn’t before. When she wrote about where the term BMI came from, I could understand the history. Her humor also makes this book worth reading. 

Unf#ck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers

Dr. Harper knows how to talk unjudgementally about herself and the people she writes for. This book helped me understand what was going on in my brain. Her good humor mixed with professional advice makes this book and all her other books worth reading.

Unfuck your Anger

Unfuck your Body

Unfuck your Brain